The Art of Compromise

The Art of Compromise– Multimedia Project for the City College of New York Graduate Symposium

There have been two things I knew about my maternal grandmother my whole life: she was an artist, and she had eleven children. I saw a few paintings she did when she was in college, and not many more. I can guess there were decades that were consumed with the raising of her family. Her life was the impetus for this project, which grappled with the question, without attempting to answer it, how have women lived the traditional lives expected of them while being artists? Many of the poems for this project were inspired by grandmother’s life and the gender specific message of her time that the home is the only place for women to flourish in their creativity, whether through childbirth or other domestic duties. Other poems, written with a more contemporary time in mind, spoke of the tension between these two forces: art and family. I pasted the poetry on domestic kitchen items to demonstrate these themes. Photographs of the project can be found here, and the poems can be found in my full-length manuscript, which I am currently working on publishing.