Published Work


Sometimes, in These Places

Unsolicited Press, 2017



Online Poetry

“In a Painting, Waiting to Remember”

“Irreversible” Wild Age Press

“Searching” Anderbo Literary Journal

“Year of the Red Turtles” on The Year of the Yellow Butterflies Blog

“Trinity Test Site, New Mexico,” “On the Tuesday She Turned 35,” “Reading to Helen” SN Review


Poetry in Print

“Newark, Gate A” Milkweed Poetry Journal Vol. II

“Icarus’s Daughter” Promethean Vol. 36

“After Baghdad” Poetry in Performance Vol. 38

“What Happens When You Mainline Fire?” Promethean Vol. 39

“Two Days in the Desert,” “Summer Rain,” “On Former 666” Red Mesa Review Vol. 12

“My First and Last Defense” and “Verses” Whiskey Island Magazine Vol. 43

“And Then What?” “To My Brother, a Young Solider,” “The Sage and the Sorrow” For a Better World, Poems & Drawings on Peace and Justice by Greater Cincinnati Artists

“Until Spring” The MT Cup Revue

“Burnt” Xray Vol. 2



“Review: The Ancient Informs the Modern When Goddesses Speak For Us In Kali Sutra: Poems” in Nyack New and Views by Rebecca Watkins